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The fully motorised alternative to manual wheelchairs in Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol and beyond

Powerchairs - tailored to your requirements

If your mobility is limited the ideal solution is a powerchair. With models that are perfect for indoor and outside use, why not give yourself a new lease on life? We can assess your needs and find out exactly what the best type of powerchair is for you.

We’ll be sure to take into account any particular requirements you may have. The range of powerchairs available at our Bristol showroom includes standard and custom models that accommodate a huge selection of different types of support, leg rests, padding and controls.

If you don't see the model you require, please be aware we can order in a huge range of equipment, so please give us a call to find out more.

Our range of powerchairs includes:

  • Invacare Kite with LiNX control system

    The Invacare Kite is unique in performance, driving comfort, compactness and personalisation. Designed for active individuals, this remarkable chair has a compact design making it ideal for outdoor activities and comes with a wide range of colour options. Its Dual Swing Technology (D.S.T.)®, provides a unique suspension system to guarantee a superior driving experience with improved comfort and traction.
    • Patented Dual Swing Technology (D.S.T.)®
    • Configured for customisation
    • Simply Smart LiNX control system
Invacare TDX2
  • Invacare TDX2

    The Invacare TDX SP2 Narrow Base is the ultimate combination of comfortable seating with a compact, stylish, high performance driving base.
    Whether effortlessly managing tight indoor environments or confidently performing in challenging, outdoor terrain the TDX SP2 NB is the centre wheel drive that offers the Total Driving experience. The confidence of being in control, and doing so in style!
Invacare XTR2
  • Invacare Spectra XTR2

    Invacare's Spectra XTR2 has been developed to combine powerful driving performance with comfort. High torque motors and a unique suspension design provide a smoother, easier ride. Modulite™ seating offers unrivalled flexibility and modularity providing a solution for many postural needs. Take a closer look at the UK's best selling powerchair.
Drive Seren
  • Drive Medical Seren

    The nimble Seren is an ultra-maneuverable powerchair which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Compact and agile, the Seren moves effortlessly around tight corners, so it’s ideal in areas where space is limited.
Drive Enigma Energi
  • Drive Medical Energi

    The Energi Lightweight Powerchair has many excellent features normally found on more expensive chairs yet are surprisingly affordable. This Powerchair range provides great comfort with extra features as standard.

Meeting your specific needs

Our range of powerchairs is ideal for individuals with specific mobility requirements. They are ideal in situations where using a handlebar style control unit usually seen in mobility scooters is not possible for example. We can supply you with joystick style controls, dual controls (where someone else is required to help control your powered wheelchair) and many other options.

Based in Bristol we supply powerchairs to Weston-Super-Mare, Portishead and the surrounding area.

Our experts will help find you the ideal powerchair
for your needs

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If you have any questions about the powerchairs we can supply you, please call us on 0800 783 4119


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